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Product Knowledge

First, the common knowledge of the previous product size

1. The business diary series is based on the paper size:

B5 (positive 16K)

A5 (large degree 32K)

B6 (positive 32K)

C7 (positive 48K)

A8 (large degree 80K)

2. Universal Manual Series: Based on the size of the hole clamp

8’’Inch (large 32K)

7’Inch (positive 48K)

5’Inch (positive 80K)

二、Teach you how to identify product materials

1) The essential advantages of PVC materials are: the material is relatively easy, waterproof and moisture-proof. Unlike the plastics we often find on the day, PVC also has the characteristics of flame retardant and heat insulation.

2) PU is a semi-crystalline material, PU material has a lower heat distortion temperature (100C, low transparency, low gloss, low rigidity, but has stronger impact strength. PU strength with ethylene content Increase and increase. PU material has excellent resistance to moisture absorption, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and resistance to dissolution. Small folds appear. Leather products made with cowhide, if you don't look carefully, you can hardly see the blink....

3) Cow leather: The pores are small, round, even and tightly distributed, the surface is bright and smooth, the texture is plump and delicate, the appearance is flat and soft, and the texture is firm and flexible by hand. When selecting, such as pressing the skin hard Surface, there are small folds. Leather products made with cowhide, if you don't look carefully, you can hardly see the blink.

4) Artificial leather, also known as imitation leather. Due to the current use of polyurethane non-woven synthetic leather made of imitation leather products, the appearance is similar to leather products, imitation leather, appearance, feel like cowhide imitation sheepskin, appearance, It feels like sheepskin and has a glossy leather surface. But look at the leather surface without pores, the bottom plate is not animal skin, squeeze hard, the leather surface will not wrinkle.

the difference:

1) Feel: that is, touch the surface of the leather with your hand, if it is smooth, soft, plump, elastic, the dermis; while the synthetic synthetic leather is awkward, stubborn, and soft.

2) Seeing: Observing the real leather surface with clear pores, patterns, yellow cowhide with fine pores, HAO cowhide with thick and sparse pores, goat skin with fish scales, pigskin with triangular pores, The artificial leather, although imitation, has pores, but it is not clear.

3) smell; all real leather has a leather smell; and artificial leather has a strong plastic smell.

4) Ignition: A little bit of fiber is torn off from the back of real leather and artificial leather. After ignition, all the pungent smell is made of artificial leather; any hair that smells hair is not hard. 

Fanda Paper is a special paper developed through the efforts of more than one year. Features are as follows:

A. Paper surface, smooth surface, smoothness and smooth writing. Do not lick ink.

B. With a weight of 55g per square meter, it is light, ultra-thin and easy to carry.

C. Paper stretchability is small and tough.

D. The paper has a tight texture and a uniform coating. Offset paper with an opacity of more than 80g.

E. Ink absorption: The ink is evenly absorbed, 80g of offset paper is at 5 seconds, and Fanda paper is at 8-10 seconds. Strong water resistance.




Fanda Paper

Bachuan paper

Daolin paper

Paper weight








Dust degree (0.3-0.15) mm












Ink absorption