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Finished product service process One.Consultation: You can contact the stationery store, the former authorized dealer, and the former Ministry of Commerce.
Second.negotiations: explain your requirements to our dedicated business customization department business staff
Third. the proposal and quotation: we will report the most affordable and reasonable quotation according to your clarification requirements or product samples.
For example, production requirements:
1. Make a slight change on our original products, such as: cover printed LOGO, inner core plus color printing, etc.
2, product leather material changes, style changes, all changes in the inner page
3, can also be made according to the sample of the customer's arch.
4, the number of orders
④ Placement order: After the production requirements and prices are agreed, the delivery date is confirmed. The two parties sign the product contract, indicating the responsibilities of both parties, delivery date, production requirements and payment method.
⑤After confirming the business association according to the payment method, we will start production immediately according to the requirements of your company.
⑥Production: During the production process, if there are special changes, please coordinate with the business personnel as soon as possible. If the factory has unplanned events, we will discuss the solution with you immediately.
⑦After the production of the product is completed, we will arrange delivery to the customer immediately.
Your choice, designed for you!
In order to meet your special needs, Qiantong also provides a comprehensive office supplies customization service. You only need to hand over your requirements and orders to our dedicated business customization department, you can rest assured that you can enjoy the perfect professional services.
You can have a folder that prints your company's name, reflecting the company's extraordinary strength and outstanding image. You can also expand your company's influence by customizing dedicated notebooks for major events such as the company's important anniversary, celebrations, and seminars. You can also make sales brochures and product catalogs. . . . .
Whether in China or abroad, there are already many well-known enterprises and key institutions that use or are using the customized products. It is our pleasure to serve you!